Fall Sports Updated July 31st

UpdatedMonday October 5, 2020 byJason Brewer.

October 4th Update:

ALL Rec activities will be put on hold while USD 396 is remote.  The scheduled return date is Oct. 19th.  At that time, scheduled practices and activities may resume.  You will be updated if there are additional changes to the timeline.  

As of Monday, October 5th, there are no confirmed cases associated with Rec activities.  If that changes, we will evaluate anyone that was a close contact and directly contact those individuals.  


July 31st Update:

At this time, we are going to start fall volleyball, cheer and football signups. WE ARE FOLLOWING USD 396 COVID GUIDELINES.  If you have issues with this, please don't sign up.  Your child can not participate in remote learning and still participate in these activities according to these policies.  Masks will be required for coaches and athletes not participating in drills.  Towns we visit may have additional guidelines.  We will follow those guidelines when we are visitors in their buildings.

Due to the higher probability of unknowns this season, we will not take payment at the beginning of the season.  Payment will be made upon the conclusion of the season to soften any financial burden than may occur for our families should we have to shut down.  

The schools that play in our league are facing restrictions, just like us.  Many of them aren't returning to school until Sept.  This will probably alter the typical start/end day of the season.  At this time, the earliest POSSIBLE start date would be August 17th.  Not all activies will choose to use this date to start, but we would like to set that as our "due date" so we can have an idea on numbers.  Please spread the word on this!    Practice dates will be determined by coaches and gym/field availability, they have not been set, yet.  We still anticipate game days to be Saturday's, though.  These town's are continuously updating their plans and procedures.  Please be patient as we update them.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


May 5th Update:


Baseball and Softball season are not cancelled, but will look different this year.  Due to Covid-19, the Quad County League will not be traveling to other towns.  Each town will be planning their own summer ball programs and the traveling Quad County League will return to traveling next summer, 2021.  The decision was incredibly hard to make but the league felt this was the best way to keep everyone safe and healthy! 

In order to make this work, team make-up/size will have to be adjusted.  Since we will be doing this “in house” this year, we have a lot of leeway with group size and age groups. There is a lot going on here, so I will bullet the major points:

  •  Kids may be shifted to make this happen, we won’t have traditional age groups.
  • Siblings will be encouraged to stay together if ages and abilities are relatively close.  This will reduce crowd size and allow more people to watch their children.
  • Games may be a cross between practice and live scenarios since we can’t start until June 1st, at a minimum. 
  • We will run the season through June 26th. 
  • Since we won’t have enough kids to have more than two teams (except t-ball), teams may change from game to game by “trading players”.  This will allow our kids to develop skills at different positions and with different teammates.
  • T-ball will play with small teams (6 range)
  • Equipment will be vital.  Having your own helmet will be important.  We can work around this somewhat by disinfecting day to day, but we can’t share come practice/game time. 
  • Game dates/times will be different than before.  This will be determined shortly.
  • We will have a full list of rules that come out in the next couple of weeks that will outline the social distancing guidelines that we will have to abide by.

If events change, causing us to make adjustments to these plans, we will update at that point.  Hoping for a smooth, safe summer season!



April 20th Update:

The summer season has NOT been canceled at this time, but all accounts have been refunded for summer activities.  If you don't receive your refund on your account, please notify me at the end of the week.  I apologize in advance if I missed you!  If you paid by check, they are not cashed, and I can return those to you at a more opportune time.  The league directors are meeting Thursday, April 30th to discuss possible options for the season.  Please contact us no later than May 1st if you are NOT wanting your child to play.  


March 19th Update:

We are still adjusting to the news.  With so many uncertainties, it is not fair to promise time tables or guarantees of games.  Our goal is to still get at least part of the season (adjustments of fees would take place once that is determined).  At this time, the league directors are planning on meeting the first or second week of April.  We are communicating by email now, but with the information constantly changing it isn't overly productive. 

Things that we are sure of:

         - All fields/facilities on school property will be off limits until AT LEAST May 29th.

         - Practicing as a team is currently not advised/endorsed by the Rec, but playing catch with parents/siblings IS allowed AND encouraged!  View it as PE time!

         -  This is a great time to step back and look at what's important.   We understand there is stress from the unknowns and possibly financial stresses.  Our kids are the most important thing, and how we deal with these stresses will form them.


If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE don't hesitate to call, text or email!  


Stay safe out there!

Jason Brewer